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The Okanagan Valley without a doubt has the most favourable riding conditions in Canada. With our temperate climate, abundance of exhilarating roads, and the friendly attitude of those you meet along the way, it is easy to be consumed with the motorcycling lifestyle. Full enjoyment of this lifestyle revolves around having a reliable motorcycle. To some riders this means buying a new machine, while many others find it hard to justify the huge outlay of cash.


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No need to fret, folks! Wheel 2 Wheel Motorcycle Care is here to provide a complete personalized maintenance program to keep your pride and joy reliable and looking good for years to come!  Whether you’re looking for routine maintenance, tires, a solution to those small annoying issues, or a complete “Wheel 2 Wheel” revitalization, we can look after most makes and models, modern or vintage.     

Don’t wait for that costly breakdown. Be proactive and make the most of your riding season. Give us a call, or drop by to check us out and see our facilities. Pick-up and delivery of your motorcycle can be arranged. We welcome new friends! Know how to tell a Wheel 2 Wheel customer? By the bugs in their teeth; we keep‘em smiling.


Wheel 2 Wheel Motorcycle Care is operated by Daryl and Cherry Bakewell and is located on the north end of Summerland, right on highway 97. Look for us on the north side of the Range Rider Canopy outlet at the Jones Flat Road intersection.




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